Are you Ever Lonely?

When grief comes to a home, families receive support and comfort, but often a few days or weeks after the funeral service people begin to stay away. This is often when loneliness begins to set in with its full impact. This same type of loneliness can touch each individual whether we have suffered a loss or not.
Have you ever had that same feeling? Money and fame cannot keep an individual from feeling lonely. That feeling of isolation and detachment can strike even in the middle of a crowd.

A feeling of loneliness not only affects a person’s attitude, relationships, and outlook on life, it can also affect his physical health. The National Institute of Health reports, “The most predictive risk factor for heart disease is loneliness, which is nothing more than a deficiency of love.”

Catherine Marshall, the great woman of faith, was struck with loneliness, but it did not come from a life of misplaced priorities. It came as a result of her husband’s death. She states, “For a time during busy hours one can forget the pain of loneliness. Then some tiny thing, anything, brings it flooding back.”

Loneliness might also come as a result of temporary separation, evidenced in a letter she received from her young son who went to camp for the first time. He wrote, “I am very homesick. Could you come and take me home before Sunday? I would like it very much. If you can’t would you please come and take me home Monday?”

If you are feeling detached, sad, or lonely, here are some secrets that I have discovered that might help during this time of loneliness.

Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Beat Loneliness

*Contact Others. Make a list of everyone you know: loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Make it a point to contact them regularly.

*Get Involved. No matter where you live or what your interests or skills may be, there are people who need your help. Show interest in their lives. It will bring joy to yours.

* Develop New Dreams. Dreams give hope and spark to life. Find new things to achieve. An elderly triathlon runner once said, “No one is ever alone who has a dream.”

* Eat Properly. Low blood sugar or improper diet can magnify negative feelings. Check your food intake.

* Rest: Recharge your body. Tired people tend to lean toward their problems and respond negatively to situations.

* Count Right. Focus on the good things that have happened and are happening in your life.

* Remember God. You are never really alone because God loves you, and He is as near as your prayers.