Digital Photo Booth

The hot item at wedding receptions and corporate events right now is a photo booth. No wonder, a photo booth captures people when they are having fun and enjoying being together. 
If you are thinking of renting a photo booth, keep in mind that there are two basic types, digital and classic. The features you are looking for will determine which type you should choose.

A digital photo booth gives more flexibility

With a digital photo booth, the taken images can be edited on the spot. The images can be downloaded onto a disc for the bride and groom at a wedding to have a treasured keepsake from their reception.

A digital photo booth requires no chemicals

The last thing you need when moving and setting up a photo booth is to mess around with a bunch of chemicals. A digital photo booth is as simple as using a home computer to print out photos.

Don’t you lose the nostalgic feel of a photo booth with a digital?

Not at all. In fact digital photos can be printed out on the typical 4 pictures in a row type paper. They can also be set to black and white, sepia, or color. As long as the booth itself is designed with the amusement park type look and feel, it should make no difference how the photos are taken or processed.

Overall, a digital photo booth gives you a wider range of options as far as prints and editing are concerned. A digital may be your best choice overall for a wedding reception or party. A photo booth will give your event the magic touch to please your guests and give you something you’ll remember for a long time.

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