A Few Words on Lung Cancer

Being one of the most highly discussed and controversial cancer issues is the topic of lung cancer, and the amount of people afflicted with the disease every year, as more deaths from cancers seems to increase steadily as time goes on. Though this topic may seem as though it has been talked about to death, that is no excuse to dismiss lung cancer, and especially if you are a smoker or have a family history of this particular disease or any record of cancers in your background. With this information, maybe you will find yourself a more properly informed person, and will allow you to handle the topic of cancer better. 

Lung cancer is the number one cause of death among men and women in the United States, there are two main types of lung cancer, and a smaller percentage are affected with small cell as opposed to non-small cell cancers with both varieties arising from epithelial cells of the lungs. With the symptoms of lung cancer ranging from a cough that wont go away, chest pain and hoarseness, shortness of breath, and recurring infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia. 

It is extremely difficult to detect lung cancer early, and if lung cancer is suspected, then getting an X-ray or spiral computed tomography scan done could be used to look for a spot or mass on the lungs. Then if something suspicious is found, a bronchoscopy is can be performed to confirm the diagnosis, and the procedure involves a lighted scope being placed into the lungs. Combined with fiber optic technology, detection methods like these are used to identify early lung cancer as well as pre-cancerous changes in cells, and can be used as a research tool in diagnosis and prevention overall. 

A lung tissue biopsy can also be used to detect the occurrence of cancer cells through analysis of the phlegm and lung tissues as well, and this kind of analysis can seem a bit more intrusive than the previous procedure, though it may be best to get both tests done to get a well-rounded perspective on the issue. Lung cancer is one of the most preventable cancers, with most of the contribution to the reason for so many deaths culminating from tobacco use, and smokers have a drastically increased risk of dying from lung cancer. 

By staying informed about the means of prevention and treatment, you can be better prepared to face whatever adversity could be potentially life threatening, and prevention is one of the main keys to keeping cancers of this variety from harming you. However, the genetic make-up of your family history can be the reason for any particular degree of cancer you may feel determined to get, but be most aware with lung cancer as it is one of the most difficult cancers to detect and treat effectively.