How to Add Classic Traditions to a Modern Wedding

(ARA) – Every bride remembers the age-old saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” and considers how to incorporate these elements into her wedding. 

This English poem – believed to be from the Victorian era – was created to provide the bride with several good-luck tokens for her new life with her husband. Here are a few ideas to help the modern bride incorporate some classic traditions into her wedding: 

Something old: No, you don’t have to attempt to fit into or resurrect from the back of the closet your mother’s, or even your grandmother’s gown. You might discover one of them wore a unique headpiece that you can incorporate into your veil. Or your husband-to-be’s aunt has a ring you could wear, or an embroidered satin handkerchief you can blend into your bouquet. Vintage purses, antique lace threaded into your veil or wound around your bouquet, or even a squirt from a bottle of your grandmother’s perfume also work well to classically merge the “something old” tradition into your ceremony. 

Something new: The pearl necklace is a classic look that complements a wedding dress perfectly. Since ancient times, pearls – with their unblemished perfection – have been tied to weddings as a symbol of innocence. 

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Something borrowed: This is an excellent way to get your best friend or a close relative more involved in your special day. But don’t think that something borrowed must be clothing or jewelry. You could borrow a back yard for the wedding reception, or a purse your sister used when she got married. Another potential item is to borrow the family Bible for readings during the ceremony. Other ideas include borrowing candles for the ceremony or reception, a cake knife set, music from your friends to play at the reception or even the toasting glasses you and your new husband will click together to celebrate your marriage. 

Something blue: One popular idea is for brides to incorporate blue into their garter belts, but the idea can stretch much further. Nail polish, makeup, shoes, embroidered flowers on the gown, small pieces of jewelry, a wrap or even blue flowers woven into the bouquets offer plenty of alternatives. If you want to create something a little more surprising, consider wearing blue lingerie. And if you really are planning a modern wedding, you could always wear a blue dress, since blue is a symbol of love, purity and fidelity. 

Courtesy of ARAcontent