It’s My Room

My mom is ALWAYS in my stuff! I HATE it! I get so mad and freak out because she alawys has to be in my things!
One day I went to my friends house and she called me and told me she decided to be nice and clean my room but she found something. I almost started crying because she told me I could never go anywhere with my friends alone anymore! I’m 13 and I’ll be 14 in June. I’m not allowed to date until I’m 16! I can’t believe how unfair my mom acts. The only privacy I had for awhile was completely violated. It was a little box that I had a lock for and everything. I kept all my personal things in there. Notes, journals, etc. ONE day I left in unlocked while I walked my dog and When I came home my door was gone and my box was opened. I sarted crying because my mom wont let me even have a door! I have a boyfriend anyways and I refuse to brake up with him. I love him so much and I’m not allowed to see him except for at school. One day I got to take a walk with a friend and my boyfriend came along. When I called home to check in (which I have to do every 20 minutes) and she started yelling. “WHO ARE YOU WITH? WHERE? I HEAR BOYS!” She came and picked me up from my innocent walk. I hate my mom! 🙁 Please help me I don’t know what to do. I know all parents have rules but my mom has gone overboard!