La La Land: Why do Men Fall Asleep after Sex?

It would probably be easier to answer the question of why do dogs have tails….but as it turns out, when a guy passes out cold after sex, it’s a compliment. However, that gentle snoring buzz is probably one of the most irritating sounds known to woman…especially right after sex.
But in fairness to all you men out there, I’ll give a list of reasons (good reasons) why you all start snoozing away while we’re lying in your arms, even after the hottest and sexiest session with us sultry cohorts. It apparently has nothing to do with you not wanting our much desired snuggle time.

– After men ejaculate, it’s physically draining and exhausting for them (I know…poor babies), but in truth men produce a flood of hormones called Prolactin, which triggers feelings of drowsiness and leaves them satisfied and very drowsy. (Not necessarily because they’ve done all the work). For women however, we produce Prolactin in conjunction with another hormone called Oxytocin, which actually increases our desire to bond, so that’s why we women prefer to ‘snuggle’ afterwards as opposed to snoozing.

– After climax men experience a blood rush that literally depletes the muscles of glycogen, which is their energy-producing hormone, leaving them completely drained.

– The extra production of Prolactin explains why men feel sleepier after intercourse as opposed to after they masturbate. It seems that for some unforeseen reason when men orgasm after intercourse, they release and produce four times more Prolactin than when they orgasm after masturbating.

– During ejaculation, men release a whole series of other hormones as well that in turn cause them fatigue for having ‘used’ these hormones. I.e., serotonin, Oxytocin, Norepinephrine and nitric oxide. As important as all these hormones are, it’s still Prolactin that carries the most weight as to the reason for the sleepy feeling afterwards. It has also been linked to being the controlling hormone that triggers the refractory period (the recovery time a man needs before the next go-around). What better way to recover than taking a nap.

My theory
I used to think men fell asleep after sex because sex only happened at night and in a bed (this is when I was very naive….and married of course). Not until I got loose and was let’s say, no longer a rookie, did I realize that even after morning wake-up sex, afternoon quickies or early evening romps, do guys still start the snooze thing soon afterwards. It seems we women have no idea how hard it is for you guys to ejaculate. You have this wonderful seminal fluid just churning inside you…the prostate gland is working hard. As one guy puts it, “It’s like having four iron chefs in your crotch cooking up their stuff.” For some, they feel they’ve just performed some feat of disproportionate, stunning humanity.

So ladies, give your guy a break. It honestly has nothing to do with your performance or lack thereof and has more to do with his satisfaction. If he does start snoozing right afterwards, use it as some key snuggle-time opportunity and you may just possibly doze off as well. Who knows, when you wake from your little nap, you both just might be ready to go again and enjoy another little session of love making.

I always like to look on the bright side
Things could always be worse. A few surveys out there have proven that not all men nod off after sex…there are a small minority of men (thank God) that actually fall asleep during sex. Therefore, as frustrating as it may be for us women to watch our partner roll over and start snoozing, I guess I’d much prefer that over him falling asleep during sex…after all, they aren’t entirely to blame it seems.

Enjoy your snuggle time ladies….

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