Maintaining a Strong, Intimate Relationship Despite health Issues

(ARA) – Maintaining the spark in a years-long relationship has its challenges. Particularly in this day and age, spouses sometimes only see each other for a few hours a day between work, meetings, kids and other obligations. 
Letting your relationship languish can have dire consequences. The worst-case scenario might be separation, but even if things don’t go that far, partners can start to feel alienated, alone and unloved. Problems really start when frustration builds up but doesn’t get voiced and when subjects that are hard to talk about are left unattended. 

These issues are only compounded when one partner has a medical problem or health issues. Dealing with health problems can try even the most patient and loving relationships, though no one is to blame. To keep your relationship’s flame burning, consider ways that you can re-connect. 

* Save the date 
Don’t just settle for the few hours a day that you already see each other. Schedule time when you can spend quality time together and stick to it – no excuses. If you haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye lately, try doing something that requires input and cooperation from both partners. Try cooking a healthy, beautiful meal together from scratch – ask each other to do taste tests, set a candlelit table and linger over the dinner that you’ve made for (and with) each other. If you’re able to do something more active, consider canoeing, simulated rock-climbing or renting a tandem bicycle – you’ll literally be your partner’s backup. 

* Get back in touch 
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* Get away from it all 
Take a vacation from it all, but don’t leave the intent to reconnect at home. Go to a place where you’ll be able to focus on each other, and where you’ll feel comfortable talking about your relationship. Know what makes you come out of your shell – maybe you feel more comfortable holding hands on a quiet beach, or maybe you feel a stronger connection with your partner when you have to work together to find your way through a new place. 

* Bring in reinforcements 
You might feel alone in losing the spark in your relationship, but that could not be further from the truth. If you’re suffering from medical problems, look for related support groups where you can connect with other individuals and couples who are facing similar issues. They might have insights that you can benefit from, and you might just be able to help someone else. You might also seek out a couples’ counselor who can help set you on a path to reconnection, or consult your doctor for support. 

Courtesy of ARAcontent