Ideas to make dollars do double duty

(ARA) – Just as many of us have taken on extra work to make ends meet in this economy, everything we buy now must serve a dual purpose as well. It makes sense to spend your hard-earned dollars on items that not only do the job intended for them, but that also save you money in a variety of ways. 
Not sure how to make money-maximizing, dual-purpose purchases? Here are a few tips: 

* Make decor decisions that not only upgrade your enjoyment of your home, but that improve its energy efficiency as well. For example, thermal drapes in decorator colors will add punch to your decor and will also help retain heat. An energy-efficient electric stove can create a warm ambiance and help save on energy bills as well. 

* Drop your gym membership, which likely costs you $50 a month, in favor of creating a home gym. You’ll save money in the long run, with many pieces of fitness equipment costing just a few hundred dollars. Some equipment dealers, like, will even allow you to finance pricier items for as little as $25 a month. Plus you’ll reduce greenhouse gases by driving less. 

* Buy a bicycle and use it for short trips instead of the car. Again, you’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save money on gas – all while getting cardiovascular exercise that’s good for your health. 

* Replace energy-consuming outdoor incandescent lights with low-cost, energy-efficient solar lighting. You’ll not only save money on energy bills, you’ll improve your home’s curb appeal and improve safety by lighting high-traffic areas at night. 

* Skip the spa for aromatherapy, hair removal and manicures or pedicures. You can do all those things at home – with a spa-like experience – by obtaining the right devices. An electrolysis pen does home hair removal quickly and easily – and without the cost and inconvenience of going to the spa. A pair of Pedi Couture Sandals will soothe and relax your feet while gently separating the toes to make a self-pedicure simple. Purchase an aromatherapy diffuser and indulge in relaxing aromatherapy in the comfort of your own home at your convenience. 

The Internet is a great resource for finding products that are functional and economical. For more ideas of items that serve a dual purpose, visit

Courtesy of ARAcontent