Top 10 Things not to put on your Internet Dating Profile

If you look anywhere here on the internet, you’ll find thousands of mentions about the importance of being honest on your internet dating profile. And it is important! But it’s also important to present the best version of yourself you can for potential dates. Sure, you may have some habits, obsessions, collections, or deep-down desires that you’re not proud of (or, heck, maybe that you are proud of but shouldn’t be). But just because you have them doesn’t mean you need to advertise it! 
Some secrets are better divulged only after you get to know somebody a little better. Not sure if you should let the whole you shine through? Read on for the top 10 things you should never put on your internet dating profile.

10. “I spend all my extra time getting high or drunk or… whatever.” 
Everybody has a bad habit or two (or ten). But just because you like the idea of attracting somebody with similar lifestyle preferences doesn’t mean you need to advertise your bad habits on your profile. You never know what more-moderate type of date you might scare off by talking about your less-than-legal activities. “I recently kicked a drug habit” is another version of this. Save it for when you know him or her better.

9. “I have 12 cats.” 
Or dogs or rats or any other pet. You may love your furry critters to death. But unless you’re raising championship horses or doing something else that sounds, well, un-weird, divulging the large size of your furry family is not a good idea. You may not consider yourself a crazy cat lady before your time, but that doesn’t mean the people reading your profile won’t think you are.

8. “My passion is my Barbie collection.” 
And this same rule holds true for any other toy. Love your Star Wars collectables, Beanie Babies, or troll dolls? Love them in private, and keep your collection to yourself. There’s a time and a place to introduce a date to your passion for collecting creepy porcelain dolls… and that time should generally be after you’re married and they can’t leave you without losing a lot of money in the process.

7. “I’m a sports fanatic.” 
If you need to watch four hours of sports a day to feel human, you have a problem. And that’s okay. We all have our addictions! But it’s probably not the best thing to divulge on your internet dating profile. “I love sports” is okay. But if you advertise the full extent of that love, you’re not going to have a lot of women banging down your door to date you. We women, after all, know what a true love of sports means for a relationship. And it’s not all good.

6. “My ex has a restraining order against me.” 
Also avoid mentioning that he or she broke your heart, cheated on you, or treated you badly in general. Even if it’s true.

5. “My shoe collection numbers in the hundreds.” 
Sure, most guys think that shoes are sexy. But taken out of the context of your life and your, hopefully, otherwise-unshallow personality, a giant collection of shoes will make you look superficial, wasteful, and not particularly interesting. Don’t mention the shoes… simply wear your best ones out on your first date, and you’ll get a positive reaction instead of a negative one. And that’s the whole point of having them, right?

4. “In general, sex just makes me uncomfortable.” 
If you absolutely hate sex and don’t want to have it, it’s probably something you should tell somebody early on in a relationship– for most, it’s a big deal breaker. But don’t talk about sex on your profile– especially if you don’t have anything nice to say about it!

3. “I still live with my parents.” 
For women, this rule is a little looser. But if you’re a man and want a woman to be interested in you, you’d better make sure she’s very interested before you divulge that you still live with Mom and Dad. Unless, of course, you’re under the age of 18. In which case… get off of that internet dating site and go to class! 

2. “What I really want is a baby RIGHT NOW.” 
Men can talk about babies all they want on their internet dating profiles– most women love it. But if a if you’re a woman and you mention anything about wanting children soon, be prepared to make any promising prospects turn tail and run. There will be time to share your long-term plans (and favorite baby names) later.

1. “I am a passionate –insert political party affiliation here.–” 
Politics has no place in dating! You can care about whatever political causes you want… but don’t mention them on your internet dating profile unless you want to alienate about half of your prospective audience. And skip that subject on the first date, as well.