Top technologies guide for mature drivers

(BPT) – The shiny paint. The new car smell. Many aspects about buying or leasing a new vehicle can excite your senses.

Once you are inside your new vehicle, you are probably asking yourself a lot of questions. Where will I put my sunglasses? Is the trunk big enough for my groceries? What does this button do?

Chances are your new vehicle will feature some new technologies, many of which can make driving safer, easier and more enjoyable. To be safe on the road, it’s important to learn how these technologies work in your current vehicle or a new one.
The Top Technologies for Mature Drivers guide is a new interactive tool that outlines the top 10 new vehicle technologies that are most beneficial for mature drivers. Based on research conducted by The Hartford and the MIT AgeLab, it has 10 animated videos that demonstrate how the technologies work. It can be found on the AARP Driving Resource Center at

“Learning about vehicle technology is an important component of feeling empowered, confident and safe behind the wheel,” says Jodi Olshevski, gerontologist and executive director of The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence. “The Top Technologies for Mature Drivers tool is a great way for drivers to see how these technologies can be used to enhance the driving experience.”

Recent research shows 55 percent of drivers over the age of 50 plan to buy or lease another vehicle in the next five years, indicating that more and more drivers will encounter new technologies in their vehicles.

“The most important thing you can do to make the best use of new automobile technologies is to continue your education,” says Julie Lee, AARP Driver Safety vice president and national director. “Increasing your awareness of changes to automobiles, traffic laws and roadway designs and learning how they impact your driving may bolster safety, comfort and improve confidence behind the wheel.”

An AARP Driver Safety course helps you learn about the latest technology options and traffic laws. You’ll learn new skills to improve your defensive driving techniques and completing the course could help you get a multi-year discount on your auto insurance (check with your agent for details). You’ll find all these benefits in just one class, available in-person or online.