Turning The Tables: Make Him Chase You

Don’t you wish you could make men chase you, instead of having to chase them? Do you constantly look at your cell phone, waiting for him to call, then finally give up and call him, all the while feeling hurt that you have to be the one to initiate contact? Wouldn’t it be better if he were the one itching to be with you? Improve the quality of your life and make men chase you at the same time!
The big idea is reap the largest rewards for the least work. If you could make the same amount of money working for half the time, you would do it in a heartbeat. The same applies to relationships. You can be appreciated more by spending less time with him if you just give yourself some space and make men chase you!

Start by filling more of your time with activities you can perform solo. Remember all of those events you had to drag him to, or vice versa? Do them separately. In addition, you can give yourself more independence and self-reliance (qualities that he will lust after) by committing yourself to your own interests. Remember, you do not need to be the same person in order to be in love!

Then, once he has the time to start missing you, watch him call you and plan activities with you! If you are uninterested, retain your independence by finding an activity you both can agree upon. Then, when you are together, you will both be interested and happy to be together. Both of you will feel that ‘click’ again, as when something falls into its right place, and you will rediscover your love for each other!

You will also find that you have more energy to attract him. When relationships become too intertwined, both people can feel like something is missing, not because the love is not there, but because they stop respecting the other person’s difference. I call this the two-headed ogre syndrome. Each head tries to pull the same body in a different direction, and so any difference becomes a source of conflict.

If you remember that you are two separate people, capable of going different ways, then he will look at you like he did before you started going out. All of the excitement and energy of the chase will return if you make men chase you!