What Men Really Want – Is It Really Just Sex?

Do you wonder what men really want? Are male and female desires really so different? Do you think it likely that men may think a lot like you do? Well, males and females surprisingly have very similar agendas when it comes to relationships. Here’s a list of the things that we learned about what men really want.
#1 – We Both Feel Guilty.

Ever feel like guys love one night stands and girls are the ones constantly feeling embarrassed about them? Well, guys report that they feel just as embarrassed and whilst this may not prevent them from telling their friends about the escapade, it will likely mean that they won’t call you back. Just like we get afraid of being considered “cheap,” men also fear that their one-night stand mate will not want to secure another night out.

#2 – We Want Grocery Shopping Partners, Too.

Many guys report feeling lonely, not eating well, and not going out as often when they’re not with a girlfriend. Guys like having the routine of a weekly shopping trip, a dinner together, and exciting trips as a couple. But beware, while some guys yearn to shop the organic foods section with you, others simply want a maid. Look for guys that enjoy cooking and have their own domestic routine and you’ll learn that what the best guys really want is companionship.

#3 – We like Compromise.

While many women feel that their guys will only stay with them if they comply to their boyfriend’s suggestions for weekend outings, restaurants, etc. that’s only partially true. Really, many guys feel that they’d like their ideal woman to be simultaneously assertive (with her own agenda) and at the same time willing to strike a bargain. Suggest new activities to your boyfriend and yet still be willing to go along with his suggestions at times, too. Men really want to enjoy that pull and take of relationships which signals that both partners are getting what they want.

By Tina Jones